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Equipment Available in the Biomaterials Laboratory
  • Scanning electron microscope, Hitachi TM-1000
  • FTIR, Bruker, Tensor 27
  • Servo hydraulic universal testing machine with fatigue capabilities, MTS 858 mini Bionix II
  • Leica MZ95 stereomicroscope with digital image capture
  • Femlab 3 multiphae modeling software for FEA, diffusion and other modeling
  • 3 Bose EnduraTech EL 3300 fatigue testers, one with a triaxial load cell
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), Q100, TA Instruments
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Lambda 14, Perkin Elmer
  • Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM), Maxtek, Inc.
  • Contact angle meter, Tantec, Inc.
  • Ellipsometer, Gaertner Scientific Corporation
  • Metallurgical sample preparation equipment
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester Model 3JR, Wilson Instrument Division
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester Model 1JR, Wilson Instrument Division
  • Tukon Microhardness Tester Model 300-8M, Acco Industries, Inc.
  • Carver Laboratory Press Model C, Fred S. Carver, Inc.
  • Lauda Refrigerating Circulating Waterbaths Model RM20, Brinkmann Instruments, Inc.
  • Isomet 1000 Precision Saw, Buehler, Ltd.
  • IsoTemp vacuum oven Model 281, Fisher
  • Stabil-Therm constant temperature cabinet, Blue M Electric Company
  • Stereoscope SR, Zeiss
  • Inverted light microscope Model ICM 405, Zeiss
  • Atomic Absorption
  • Cell culture facility
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