UConn HealthCenter for Biomaterials


The Center for Biomaterials in the Department of Reconstructive Sciences provides an infrastructure for research on biomedical materials at UConn Health. Most research programs are interdisciplinary with primary collaborations involving the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Skeletal Development, the Department of Reconstructive Sciences, the Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center, the UConn Musculoskeletal Institute, the Clinical Research Center and the Institute of Materials Science at the Storrs campus.

A wide range of opportunities are available for undergraduate, graduate, dental and medical students and residents. Students should contact individual faculty members for additional information and view the links on the Students page.

The thematic research areas most strongly represented include:

  • Structure-property relations of materials important in dentistry
  • Scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Fiber composites
  • Dental implant design
  • Nano-particulate anti-cancer drug delivery
  • Fatigue (dental implants, bonded ceramics)
  • Bone augmentation associated with dental implants
  • CAD/CAM ceramics development
  • Sustained release of osteogenic agents
  • Catalyzed synthetic biomineralization
  • Development of clinically-validated in vitro tests

The Center for Biomaterials has a strong history in translational research that has brought novel, patented materials to use in clinical dental practice.

Collaborating Departments and Centers